Market Policies

Mission Statement

“To Support the local food economy and provide greater access to fresh, local food.”

Guiding Principles

  • Provide an opportunity to connect local farmers with consumers.
  • Strengthen our community through education and skill sharing.
  • Promote and grow our local economy.
  • Increase access to a variety of healthy food choices.
  • Provide a gathering place to build a stronger sense of community.

Market Information

Albion Farmer’s Market is managed by the City of Albion’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) located at 112 W. Cass Street, Albion, Michigan,

Market Season and Hours of Operation: Year-round
Summer: Wednesday, Mid-May through September: 4PM – 7PM
Winter: A 2023 winter market season will be determined by September 1st, 2024.

Location(s): Summer Market: Wm. R. Stoffer Memorial Plaza, 211 Market Place. Albion, MI
1 block east of Superior St., Albion, MI (behind Bohm Theatre, along the Kalamazoo River).

Winter Market: To Be Determined

Vendor Definitions

  • Direct Vendor – Sells products solely grown or produced by the vendor.
  • Representative Vendor – Offers food and agricultural products for resale directly from the farm or producer. 80% solely grown / 20 % Other
  • Artisan Vendor – Sells non-food products handcrafted by the vendor. The Albion Food Hub staff may make exceptions for ‘special event’ markets. Potential artisan vendors will be presented to the Albion Food Hub staff for a juried selection.
  • (Special Event Only) Trunk Sale Vendor – the selling of non-grown, non-home produced products. Holds the quality and best representation of the seller and market.

Vendor Requirements

  • General and product liability insurance
  • Current State of Michigan licenses (if applicable).
  • Organic certification (if applicable).
  • A product list and brief description of production practices.

Products to Sell

  • Fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, baked goods, jams, jellies, MDARD allowed Cottage Food Law products and other farm products such as dairy, cheese, meats, syrups, and honey.
  • Food carts and food trucks are allowed. Allowed placement of equipment will be based on the size of the equipment and the sound generated by the equipment.
  • Artisan products such as art, craftwork, jewelry, soaps, wool, or other craftwork. Some items may have to be approved by the Advisory Committee.
  • All items must be clearly labeled with description and price.
  • All products are subject to approval by the Advisory Committee and should be considered quality
  • No live animals or poultry.
  • No products containing any amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) can be displayed or sold.
  • (Special Event Only) – Trunk sales can include non-grown, non-home produced products. Holds the quality and best representation of the seller and market.

Product Quality: Only fresh, quality products are acceptable. The selling of spoiled, overripe, unusable or outdated products is prohibited. For Special event trunk sales, quality must be evaluated prior to sale by the market coordinator.

Product Labeling and Definitions: All items available for sale must be clearly labeled and identified as to their origin and price. All signage must be clearly legible. All Cottage Food Law items must be appropriately labeled according to MDARD labeling requirements.

Pricing: Vendors are expected to offer their products for sale at a fair market price. Collusion (price setting) and/or deceptive pricing will not be tolerated. Prices must be clearly visible for all consumers to see.

Equipment Requirements: Vendors are responsible for equipment needed for selling products at the market. Equipment must be clean, in good condition and hazard free. All food items for sale must be displayed at least 6” off the ground with the exception of such items as pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, plants, flowers and artisan items. Vendors are responsible for set-up, tear-down, and clean-up of their stall area. The guideline for cleaning up your stall is: “Leave no trace”.

Stall Fees:

Summer market:
Mid-May – End of September
Season rate: $95 – (Free booth rental in May – 19-20 total market days)
Daily Rate: $7 (Free booth rental in May)

Payment Plan for Summer Market Rate:

$50 at the first market in June, and balance of $45 by July 31st.  Vendors that want to join after the start of the season, and before July 1st, as a season rate vendor will have their season fee prorated. After July 1st, vendors will only be allowed to join at the daily booth rental rate.

Winter market: To Be Determined
Season rate: $To Be Determined
Weekly/Day Rate: $To Be Determined
Payment Plan for Seasonal Rate: To Be Determined

Stall Reservations and Assignments

Stalls will be assigned to qualified vendors based on the following criteria:

  1. Vendors who have paid the season rate for BOTH summer and winter markets. These would be considered “full time anchor” tenants. In the event, a winter market is not scheduled at the time of the vendor application, vendors will still be identified as “full time anchor” tenants. Full Time Anchor tenants receive additional promotional benefits throughout the market season.
  2. Direct Vendors then Representative Vendors who have paid the season rate for the summer OR the winter market. These are considered “anchor tenants”.
  3. Stalls will be allocated to food producers first, artisan second, special event vendors will be placed together by market coordinator.
  4. One-time and drop-in vendors will be assigned a stall space designated by the market coordinator.
  5. Stall assignments will be made after payment is received.

The market coordinator will determine the stall assignments and market lay-out.

Stall Cancellations: Vendors who need to cancel their reservation for a season (summer or winter) must do so in writing to the market coordinator at least two (2) weeks prior to start of season. A 90% refund of the season rate will be given. No refund will be given after start of season; subletting stalls will not be allowed.

Market Day: The market will be open rain or shine except when closed for major holidays. Vendors are expected to have equipment, products, and signage in place at the opening time of market. The exceptions will be in the case of weather warning. If the market is cancelled vendors will not be allowed to set up. If the vendors are already set-up they will be expected to break down (if can be done safely) and seek appropriate shelter.

Late Arrival: If you are planning to be late and would like the market coordinator to hold your stall, please notify the coordinator an hour before the market. If the market coordinator does not receive a ‘vendor late’ notice the reserved stall may be assigned to another registered vendor.

No-Show: A vendor that is scheduled to be at the market but is not able to attend is asked to notify the market manager as soon as possible. No-shows cause concern and may disrupt the market flow and lay-out for other (drop-in) vendors.

Vendor Code of Conduct

  • All vendors are required to have, follow and display a copy of any Federal, State, County or local licenses necessary for their products to be sold.
  • All vendors are to use Safe Food Handling practices.
  • Vendors (applicable) must comply with Michigan Cottage Food Law.
  • Be courteous and respectful of everyone, especially fellow vendors.
  • Keep watchful eye and act respectful with
  • No smoking in or near vendor stalls.
  • Keep stall area clean, neat and orderly during market hours.
  • Remove and clean up stall area within one (1) hour of market closing.
  • Contact market coordinator with a complaint or conflict.

Community, Education and Limited-Time, Guest Vedors: Guest vendors may attend and set-up a stall at the market for community education or information purposes at the discretion of the market manager. A Guest Application form shall be completed and submitted to the market manager prior to attendance. Those who sell items are considered vendors and must apply as such and pay a stall fee. Guests are responsible for their own equipment, chair(s), signs, set-up, break-down, and clean up.

Soliciting and Political Activity: All forms of organized or intended soliciting, proselytizing, or political activity are prohibited at the market.

Contact Information
Albion Farmer’s Market
Emily Verbeke, Market Coordinator
Cell: 517-515-2124

Albion Farmer’s Market Policy – Revision Date 01/04/2024.  Approved and adopted by Downtown Development Authority on 1/10/2024.

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